Does Liverpool have a plan in place to replace Rodgers?

The sacking of Brendan Rodgers seemed inevitable since last season’s last day embarrassment beating by Stoke. Over the summer seen the Liverpool hierarchy dislodge the back room team at the club, but yet keeping faith with their manager. But did they really have faith? They gave Rodgers yet another hefty transfer budget to work with though they managed to sell on Raheem Sterling for 50m plus so did they really spend over their limit? Was there an agenda that they did not want to throw even more money to another manager? So many questions at Liverpool football club but not enough answers. Most of these questions seem rather political in football terms.

There will be a split opinion across the football world in terms of whether or not Rodgers should have been sacked, but the real question is do they Liverpool board have a plan in place or have they had a plan in place all along. Seven Premier League games into the season and Liverpool have parted ways with the Northern Ireland manager who is a very talented coach, management is different from coaching however, the Liverpool chairman and board may just be looking for someone to actually now manage these players and keep the club close to the leading pack in the Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp has been identified as favourite for the position; some bookmakers have him placed at 4/7 to take the job, and ready to take the job in the next week. No disrespect to Liverpool but surely a manager of his credentials and his ambitions, taking the Liverpool job would take him too long to match these ambitions. He would be a very good addition to the club and the Premier League, the biggest concern may well be would he use the club as a stepping stone to really go and match his ambitions. Carlo Ancelotti is another man who is without a club and an early target for Liverpool. Ancelotti has a tremendous record in management and is really more inclined to go to the jobs which he has a club ready to gout and spend millions to match other clubs in Europe, it would be surprising to see Ancelotti go to Anfield but football is full of surprises.

No doubt these two managers are the top targets for Liverpool at this early stage, some other names that could into the frame could be.

Garry Monk, the young Swansea manager has won many plaudits for how well he has done for the Welsh club. Liverpool hired Rodgers when he was in a similar position to Monk, would not be surprised to see this again.


Eddie Howe, another young manager who has won many fans at Bournemouth. Would again not be many fans choice, but again Liverpool may make a move if other top options fail.


Frank De Boer, the successful Ajax manager recently claimed that he was approached to replace ‘King’ Kenny; an approach may be made this time around again.


The early sacking does suggest that the Liverpool board have a plan in place for this to have happened so sudden. Maybe the opportunity to take Klopp before anyone else does is something they are thinking about. The international break could not have come at a better time for Liverpool and their fans.  


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