Early indicators for Everton after their Europa League qualifying round win

Everton made it to the Europa League playoffs, but what were the key takeaways for the Premier League season? ​ The Everton players celebrate after their Europa League qualifier win ​ The third round qualifier for this season’s Europa League was the first opportunity to view the newly assembled Everton in competitive action. The two-legged […]

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Ligue 1 Title Challenge

The French Ligue 1 has been improving at a rapid rate over the last three seasons, after being stuck in mediocrity for a number of years. The Qatari consortium that have invested so much money into French giants PSG was the first indication of the league improving its status, and now the league has seen […]

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Will Milan be the Destination?

This summer will be one of great interest for both clubs representing AC Milan and Inter Milan. Both clubs have been struggling to get anywhere close to the level in which Juventus operates in Italy and now on the European stage. Italian football has been rebuilding a reputation over the past three to five seasons […]

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